Information Technology

The Classroom and Collaboration Space Project achieved closeout at the June 4 Operations Team meeting as the project team reported on accomplishments of the effort.

The project was closely intertwined with the End User Support Project. The team developed a new support model that leverages the growing campus network of IT support professionals to meet technology needs in campus collaboration spaces (classrooms, computer labs, and conference rooms), and increases the availability of support.

In the three-tier model, staff answering the classroom hotline will move to the Help Desk, partnering to increase call-handling standards and capacity. Extended Technical Support staff will be trained as deployable support staff for learning and collaboration spaces so that locally positioned staff can resolve issues in a reduced timeframe. The Learning Spaces Team will handle audio/visual engineering. The project also involved working with collegiate leaders to develop standard equipment models for classrooms, improving facility consistency and supportability. Processes for designing, installing, and supporting learning spaces were refined, and OTLT assigned a team lead for design and installation efforts of AV across campus and a new team lead to provide service oversight of the new model.

The project was led by Chris Clark, Tino Kaltsas, and Jim Chaffee. Additional accomplishments of the project are detailed in the OneIT Year in Review.