Communication ambassadors play an important role in engaging the campus in dialogue about TIER. They facilitate discussion about TIER at the local and unit level.  

Communication ambassadors disseminate information and serve as the local source of knowledge about TIER, answer questions, share facts and dispel rumors. They also gather feedback about the process and relay it back to leadership.


  TIER Communication Ambassadors


Name & Title

01, Office of the President

Laura McLeran, Associate Vice President

02, Office of the Provost

Lon Moeller, Associate Provost

Emily Kleinmeyer, Human Resources Administrator

04, VP Research & Economic Development

Wendy Loney, Human Resources Director

05, VP Finance & Operations

Suzanne Hilleman, Assistant Director

Wendy Moorehead, Communications Manager

Jessica Voelker, HR Coordinator

07, Human Resources

Cheryl Reardon, Chief Human Resource Officer

08, Athletics

Greg Davies, Senior Accountant

09, VP Strategic Communication

Jeneane Beck, Assistant Vice President for External Relations 

Hayley Bruce, Writer/Editor

11, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Chris Cheatum, Associate Professor

Kathy Hall, Director of Curriculum & Academic Policy

12, Tippie College of Business

Kurt Anstreicher, Associate Dean

13, College of Dentistry

Scott Arneson, Associate Dean

14, College of Education

Brian Douglas, Administrator for Finance and Technology

15, College of Engineering

Jan Waterhouse, Director of Human Resources

16, College of Law

Gordon Tribbey, Assistant Dean

17, Carver College of Medicine

Sherree Wilson, Associate Dean

18, College of Nursing

Debra McFall-Wallerich, Director of Human Resources

Cheri Arneson, Manager, Financial Analysis

20, College of Public Health

Lori Cranston, Associate Dean for Administration

29, Graduate College

Donna Welter, Executive Director of Operations

Andy Jenkins, Director of Information Technology

30, Summer Session; 35, University College

Lon Moeller, Associate Provost

33, Library

Jennifer Masada, Strategic Communications Manager

39, Continuing Education

Maureen McCormick, Communications Relations Director

43, ITS

Dave Ambrisco, Human Resources Director

49, Division of Student Life

Lori Berger, Human Resources Director, Division of Student Life

90, University Hygienic Lab

Lorelei Kurimski, Director, Office of Organizational Development