Information Technology

The OneIT Data Center and Server Consolidation Project achieved closeout at the June 12 Operations Team meeting as the project team reported on successes including $1 million in annual savings from decommissioning 31 server rooms.

The annual savings breakdown includes $570,000 of valuable staff time that is being reallocated to other important tasks, $250,000 in energy savings, and $190,000 in hardware and maintenance savings. More than 10,000 square feet of space valued at $1.7 million was recovered and repurposed for other needs.

The team noted that the most important and lasting accomplishment of the project was a change in culture regarding how UI staff and faculty view data centers and data center services.

There is an awareness that centrally governed, managed, and supported multi-tenant data centers are an efficiency success for the institution. Trust and strong partnerships were built, and users have confidence in the reliability and convenience of data center colocation services. Some server room owners recognized the benefits and volunteered on their own to consolidate.

Two more rooms are in the process of being consolidated, and 11 are future consolidation possibilities.

The project was led by Guy Falsetti, Jerry Protheroe, and JJ Urich and managed by Kris Halter. Additional accomplishments are detailed in the OneIT Year in Review.