Information Technology

The Data Centers and Servers team decommissioned its 18th server room, located in 209 Van Allen Hall. The decommissioning enables over 1,300 square feet of space to be renovated for offices and labs for the Physics and Astronomy Department, and reduces mechanical and electrical expenses.

The team is working in parallel on all phases of the project (migrating, virtualizing, retiring machines, and decommissioning) in multiple server rooms to reach its goals. Overall metrics to date are:

  • 18 server rooms decommissioned
  • 5,566 square feet of floor space reclaimed by departments
  • 393 servers consolidated
  • 244 servers reduced, virtualized or retired
  • 149 servers migrated to a central data center
  • About $371,612 in yearly savings from power and mechanical realized

The OneIT DC SC team is actively working on server room consolidation efforts at 12 UI campus locations representing 10 UI departments. Support and a spirit of collaboration by the various departmental IT professionals have been key success factors in the team’s ability to continue to make progress.