Information Technology

The OneIT Data Center and Servers project has booked their 24th and 25th server room decommissions: 240J PBB for the Tippie College of Business and 2627 UCC for the College of Public Health Epidemiology department. The project team is working in parallel on all phases of the project (migrating, virtualizing, retiring machines, and decommissioning) in multiple server rooms. 


Total yearly savings: $725,258

One time savings (floor space): $1,265,271

    • 7,121 sq. ft. equates to $1,265,271 of economic value based on usable sq ft.

488 servers have been consolidated

    • 333 servers reduced, virtualized or retired
    • 155 server migrated to a central data center

All of the physical servers in C240J PBB were migrated to existing central services, VMs, and retired and surplused. The room will be utilized as an office.


2627 UCC housed level 3 data utilized for cancer research and as a state cancer patient registry and repository. This room will be transformed into various office spaces.