Information Technology

The OneIT Data Centers and Servers Project team recently decommissioned its 21st server room, and the project is now two-thirds complete. In total, 32 server rooms are in scope for the project.

The team is working in parallel on all phases of the project (migrating, virtualizing, retiring machines, and decommissioning) and in multiple server rooms to reach its goals. Metrics to date:

  • 6,261 square feet of floor space reclaimed by departments
  • 436 servers consolidated
    • 287 servers reduced, virtualized, or retired
    • 149 servers migrated to a central data center
  • $432,594 in yearly savings from power and mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) realized
  • $163,800 in yearly savings of system administrator time

The two most recently decommissioned server rooms were:

  • 508 Van Allen Hall, to be used for Physics and Astronomy research lab space
  • 110A Clinton Street Building, repurposed as Office of the State Archaeologist storage space