Information Technology

In future state planning retreats, campus IT leaders worked with management and organizations faculty to develop a shared vision for OneIT. An important piece of the vision is enhanced governance and prioritization processes to ensure that appropriate input is gathered for decisions on IT services and priorities.

To build more transparency into IT decisions and operations, the IT community is working to create a new IT governance structure. The goal is to make it lightweight, but ensure engagement of the appropriate individuals.

The proposed governance model will form two new groups focused on strategy and operations. The strategy group will, with input from existing and new IT advisory groups, develop and prioritize strategy, while the operations group will be responsible for coordinating projects and services and executing the strategy.

With this framework in mind, the governance project team is working closely with the IT project management office team to test and operationalize new governance practices. Areas of focus include developing a process and criteria for which projects/initiatives are subject to governance (factors include risk, scale, resource requirements, and alignment with strategy), and developing tools to guide staff through the process.