Information Technology

The OneIT End User Support project is currently planning implementations with the Colleges of Education and Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), Graduate College, Public Policy Center, Facilities Management, and the State Hygienic Lab. 

The team works with each unit to assess needs and implement the services on a unit-by-unit basis. Services in scope include help desk, device management and desktop support. End User Support and Classroom and Collaboration Space IT Support project teams are working closely to coordinate the approach for classroom support. 

The Extended Technical Support team (ETS) is evolving as it grows. It will have two sub-teams, focused on administrative and collegiate support, recognizing that technology needs vary by the type of unit. The groups will share processes and coordinate efforts. Shawn Potter will lead the administrative group, and efforts are underway to identify a collegiate group leader. 

The Graduate College and CLAS transitions are targeted for November. CLAS and the Graduate College includes Jenifer Steil and 19 support consultants. Steil is playing a key role in the transition, and has brought a valuable collegiate perspective in joining the Service Management and Support Leadership Team in Enterprise Services. 

Preliminary implementation conversations and planning are underway in the remaining colleges and units, including the Colleges of Engineering, Public Health, and Dentistry. The project is on track for June 2018 completion.