Information Technology
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We are pleased to announce a forthcoming upgrade to the university’s email system. By the end of the calendar year, non-healthcare-provided faculty and staff email accounts will be migrated to the Microsoft Office 365 system.

UI students moved to Office 365 two years ago, and have had positive feedback on the change. We’re excited to expand the service to employees, unifying everyone into the same modern user experience.

The benefits of this upgrade include:

  • 50 times larger email quota (from 1 GB to 50 GB – no more deleting old messages!)
  • 1TB of cloud file storage through OneDrive (current home drives are 25 GB). You can access files from anywhere, sync across all devices, and share files and folders with co-workers.
  • Each employee can install the full Office Suite for FREE on up to 5 personal computers/devices
  • Optional use of online Office apps (Excel, Word, Power Point, & OneNote) for easy collaboration
  • Seamless integration with instant messaging, video conferencing, and online meetings
  • Office 365 is compatible with smartphones and mobile devices, and accessible through the web
  • If you continue using desktop versions of Microsoft applications, like Outlook, your experience won’t change

Reliability, security, and access from anywhere are key requirements for this upgrade. In preparation for the change, the UI partnered with several institutions to negotiate strong contractual agreements with Microsoft, including a Business Associates Agreement to cover HIPAA data. Cloud email is a major trend, with companies like Microsoft and Google now offering high-quality email services to universities and corporations. Microsoft has over 20 million cloud service users in education, and we are joining the growing number of schools, such as Nebraska, Duke, and Ohio State that moved or are moving to 365.

The plan is to migrate employees unit by unit, in a logical progression. Information Technology Services will migrate in early August, followed by groups that have volunteered to be early adopters. ITS and your local support staff will be in touch with additional details as the time for your unit’s move nears. More information on Office 365 is available at