Finance - University Shared Services

University shared services

Office of Vice President of Research and Economic Development: Implementation plans are moving forward with a goal to complete by the end of January 2016.

College of Dentistry: An initial meeting with Associate Dean Scott Arneson was held Nov. 5 to review transactional data and to discuss moving forward with a full implementation with the college after the first of the year.

The Human Resources and University Shared Services Project teams met Nov. 3 and 10 to discuss the joint org/college implementation calendar. 

The University Shared Services Financial Advisory group held a meeting Nov. 13, with special guests Cheryl Reardon, Terry Johnson, Josey Bathke, Diana Leventry, Trevor Glanz, Suzanne Hilleman, and Rachel Napoli. A simulation of the staff selection process for shared services was conducted to help understand the various factors and concerns from different perspectives. The simulation was successful in helping all involved to understand the complexity and concerns of the process. This simulation will be shared with other groups/committees on campus as a way of educating and providing feedback to the implementation team.