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University Shared Services

Recently, University Shared Services (USS) came to the rescue of a department in Finance & Operations, due to an unforeseen leave of absence in their financial department. The cross-training and experience of the current shared services staff enable Parking and Transportation Services (P&T) to have a firsthand experience of how shared services will be able to provide support in the near future. University Shared Services staff member Weston Marling, currently assigned to support the College of Dentistry, met with Parking and Transportation last Thursday, Sept. 24, and helped the staff resolve some backup work with payments and procurement card reconciliations. This USS support will allow the department to have additional time to hire a temporary staff member and continue to handle daily operations. In addition, the experience was beneficial in showing the flexibility USS hopes to provide to campus with future implementations.

Project planning continues with VPR for the design and implement University Shared Services, with the goal to complete implementation by November.