TIER@Iowa is an evolving endeavor, and new questions and information emerge as we work through implementation. Some of the most common general questions are addressed here.

For frequently asked questions specific to each initiative, visit their respective web pages.

Will TIER really result in cost savings?

Proposed cost savings have been validated and University leadership will be held accountable for achieving those stated cost savings. 

Will changes be temporary?

No — the changes will not be temporary. The competitive landscape of higher education will require us to sustain the improvements we make through TIER. 

What is the timeline?

Timelines vary for each college/division and each initiative. In general, TIER implementation is scheduled to be completed in Dec. 2018.

Will people lose their jobs?

Individual job assignments may change, but no one will lose their employment as a result of TIER.

How will change management be handled?

Change management is the process we use to help people get ready, willing, and able to work in new ways. Each project team is incorporating change management and communication into their project plans, and we have two dedicated UI Change Consultants to provide coaching and support. A campus-wide Communications Committee has been established to help coordinate communication across all initiatives.

Are there concerns that the diagnosis from the outside consultants will be incomplete or inaccurate?

UI has had a lot of input into the consultants' findings so we do not anticipate major surprises in their findings and recommendations.