Information Technology

The OneIT Identity and Access Management project is making great strides on multiple fronts.

The team closed out sub projects No. 5 (Enhance and Extend the Campus IowaOne ID Card System), and No. 6 (Enhance and Extend Electronic Door Access Control Systems).

Migrations for the College of Public Health’s active directory(AD) forest and the College of Dentistry’s AD forest to the IOWA AD forest are nearing completion. This will reduce the number of domains on campus from six to four, significantly reducing the colleges’ IT overhead and standardizing their users' accounts with the rest of campus.

The team recently began work with the College of Engineering on migrating its three AD forests into the IOWA AD forest. The engineering team is focusing on its CCAD domain this summer and will proceed to migrate the ENG and IIBI domains next summer. After the completion of this sub-project, central campus will be down to a single domain (not including UI Hospitals & Clinics).