Information Technology

IT Professionals,

It has been about a month since the Board of Regents accepted the universities’ proposal for self-implementation of the TIER efficiency review objectives. In that time, the Board office and the universities worked to finalize contracts with Chazey Partners, the consulting firm retained by the Board to provide the universities with assistance and advice throughout self-implementation. We worked with the Board office and UI staff to get organized for kicking off implementation efforts. With that in place and our high-level OneIT@Iowa proposal approved, the campus IT community can now focus on developing detailed plans for implementation. I want to apprise you of several recent or upcoming meetings and discussions, and what’s ahead.

Town Hall Meeting: I indicated in my last message that we would hold another meeting for campus IT professionals this month, and we will. Reserving space for a large group is proving to be more of a challenge than expected, but we will share event details as soon as possible.

IT Leaders Engagement: The group of campus IT leaders who worked on the OneIT proposal met in January for a Q&A session and to discuss next steps, and we will meet again next week. I am also working to identify point people to coordinate various OneIT activities. We have a lot of work ahead of us, and it is critical to ensure that the projects are guided by broad campus input.

Chazey Partners Meeting: The three schools had a conference call and kickoff meeting with representatives from Chazey Partners. They are reviewing our proposal and will offer feedback, and we will work together to determine where their capabilities complement ours. In addition to reviewing the data that was already collected, the Chazey team may gather some supplemental information. For IT, the data will be used to validate data gathered in the spring and to verify the strategic directions of the OneIT@Iowa proposal.

ISU and UNI Collaboration: One TIER objective is to create a CIO council and increase coordination across the state universities. I now have weekly conference calls with my counterparts at Iowa State and the University of Northern Iowa to identify potential collaboration areas—TIER initiatives and other activities. The three of us spent a day together and identified some initial discussion topics. We will host discussions on these topics with staff from the three schools on Feb. 18. The discussion areas are: data centers/servers, enterprise systems and application portfolio, end user support and help desk, purchasing, business intelligence, research support and informatics, and technology support for classrooms and collaborative spaces.

I will continue to share new developments, and if you haven’t already I encourage you to visit the OneIT@Iowa website. You are always welcome to contact me with questions or comments.

Best regards,

Steve Fleagle

Associate Vice President and CIO