OneIT@Iowa increases the efficiency and effectiveness of IT by dramatically reducing the cost of providing general IT services necessary for day-to-day campus operations. It also identifies areas where specialization and innovation are critical to meet unique needs in research and instruction, and assures that those needs are addressed. 

Through self-implementation of 16 projects, leveraging knowledge of the campus IT environment, OneIT@Iowa will:

  • Standardize general IT infrastructure, commodity services, equipment, and support teams to assure efficiencies in the procurement and delivery of IT
  • Prioritize and allocate IT resources to minimize costs for general services and reallocate to areas where specialization and innovation are essential to research and instruction; involves enhancing IT governance models as well as increasing tracking and visibility of IT expenses, IT projects and staff efforts, and hiring
  • Centralize reporting relationships for all IT workers on campus so that everyone is part of one IT organization, reporting to the UI chief information officer
Implementation timeline: 2015 – 2018​ 
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