Information Technology
Steve Fleagle
On January 9, the state Board of Regents accepted the university’s proposal for implementation of the Human Resources, Finance, and IT business cases identified in the TIER efficiency review

I appreciate the Board’s confidence in our ability to execute the OneIT@Iowa initiatives we proposed, and I believe this is the best path forward for the University of Iowa. We know our campus technology needs better than anyone, and we have the expertise to succeed in meeting the TIER objectives.

The IT section of the proposal includes project descriptions in 16 areas. These descriptions were developed by a team of IT leaders from central and distributed units who came together to identify projects aligned with the four IT business cases approved by the Board, and then developed project descriptions, schedules, and savings estimates. We called the plan OneIT@Iowa, a reflection of the future state for which we are striving on campus.

OneIT@Iowa will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of IT by reducing the cost of providing general IT services necessary for day-to-day campus operations. It will also identify areas where specialization and innovation are critical to meet unique needs in research and instruction, and assure that those needs are properly addressed. After three years it is projected to result in ongoing annual savings ranging from $4.3M to $7.6M.  

OneIT@Iowa Projects and Supporting Activities

Clearly there is significant change ahead for all IT service providers on campus, and implementation will require widespread effort and adaptability. But the UI has a strong, collaborative IT community with a track record of successful change management, and I am confident that it will continue to thrive throughout and beyond the implementation process. We are committed to providing excellent IT services to UI students, faculty, staff, and researchers, and will work together to ensure that the technology needs of the campus are met.

There are still many details to determine; we will be convening IT professionals and communicating with campus partners and IT users as we move forward with planning and implementation. I encourage you to follow this site for updates on the progress of these initiatives, and I welcome your questions and comments about the OneIT@Iowa efforts.

Best regards,

Steve FleagleAssociate Vice President & CIO