Information Technology

Membership and charges for the six OneIT Councils are being finalized. Please watch the governance page of this site; council details are being added as they are available.

The councils will play a key role in developing the strategy for OneIT. Each group will work on a roadmap for its topic area to capture activities that are planned and underway as a point of reference for future planning.

The OneIT Strategy Team comprises the chair and facilitator of each council, along with Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer Steve Fleagle. It will look broadly across all six council areas to prioritize activities and coordinate the overall direction of OneIT.

Each council will hold its first meeting in February or March, and the first OneIT Strategy Team meeting will take place this month.

Program Office winds down

As more OneIT projects and processes are operationalized, the Program Office’s work is winding down. Lance Bolton, Romy Bolton, Chris Clark, and Rachel Napoli have served in this capacity for about a year and a half, contributing significant time and talent. They helped guide the overall direction of OneIT, provided valuable advice and counsel to the CIO, oversaw the projects, coordinated the OneIT Steering Committee meetings, and hosted numerous communication events for IT professionals and campus.

Now that the governance structure is formed, the Operations and Strategy Teams will take on these responsibilities. The Program Office recently met with leaders of each of the remaining projects to check status and see what is needed to achieve closeout. The projects are on track, and the Operations Team will continue to monitor progress.

Governance process details coming soon

The basic concepts of the OneIT governance structure have been described through web content, email updates, and OneIT forums. But there is a need and desire for additional detail—for example, how a project will flow through the new process, and whether there will be open “project review” events similar to what ITS had before.

The Governance Project Team is working with the OneIT Operations Team and the Project Management Office to iron out details. A town hall will be scheduled for this spring to delve deeper into the topic and answer IT professionals' questions.