Information Technology

We received a question on whether a couple of recent changes are related to, or officially part of, OneIT. Specifically, it was in reference to core IT staff from the Registrar and Admissions offices joining teams in Administrative Information Systems (AIS) over the summer, and about ITS taking on end user support for a handful of campus units. Thanks for the question! We appreciate hearing what you want to know so we can communicate accordingly. 

Here's a response from Associate VP & CIO Steve Fleagle:

In some cases, changes that align with OneIT goals will occur as opportunities arise, without being formally incorporated into a OneIT project. Units across campus are always looking for ways to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. Sometimes we must move ahead with changes because the timing makes sense for the units involved, or addresses immediate needs.

Merging Registrar and Admissions core IT staff with AIS teams addressed gaps created by staff retirements and unified groups that had built a strong, successful partnership in developing the student information system, MAUI. This change would likely have happened even without the OneIT efforts.

With regard to the end user support partnerships, the units expressed interest in participating in the Extended Technical Support service that provides end user support. Migrating to this service helps those units realize cost savings, increases service coverage, and better leverages the ITS Help Desk to handle common issues, thereby freeing up local consultants for specialized work. Discussions with some of these units has been ongoing for quite some time, and the OneIT efforts brought this back into focus in such a way that the timing seemed right.

So while these efforts are aligned with some of the OneIT@Iowa projects, they weren’t formally part of any of the project plans (many of those plans are not yet complete). I fully expect that as we proceed we will identify other opportunities that we’ll want to pursue. It’s important that we continue to be flexible and accommodate these kinds of requests to meet the needs of campus.

Again, I appreciate the question and hope that you’ll continue to reach out to me.

Best regards,

Steve Fleagle, Associate Vice President and CIO