Information Technology

OneIT Leaders kicked off the new year with a strategic planning session. Based on the success of an initial workshop in December, 30 campus IT leaders reunited for a deeper dive into discussion about future state.

Teams completed two activities to generate ideas about long-term vision. They developed lists of achievements to accomplish and desirable characteristics of IT at the UI within a three-year timeframe. They then envisioned and reported out on strategic objectives that will enable the IT community to reach that vision.

The teams are now considering what is needed to accomplish each strategic objective. Specifically, they are identifying what cultural attributes, knowledge, skills and capabilities, organizational structures, and critical tasks are needed to achieve these objectives. The group will get together in early February to review what the teams came up with.

Associate Vice President and CIO Steve Fleagle said he is enthusiastic about the level of engagement and the headway being made. He will keep stakeholders apprised of the progress and looks forward to sharing the output of these efforts with the broader IT community.