Information Technology

The Operations Team approved closeout of the OneIT Network Redesign Project at its June 12 meeting. The project focused on consolidation and standardization of campus networks and infrastructure, networking policies and procedures, and oversight and administration of various campus networks.

Prior to this project, most of the University of Iowa campus was supported by the central ITS Network Services group or the central Healthcare Information Systems (HCIS) network group. The College of Engineering and the State Hygienic Laboratory provided network services to their respective users.

The project adjusted the central service to meet unique needs of these two units. The adjustments enabled consolidating distributed networking support into a single campus network service.

A memo of understanding enacted April 30 transferred management of network services from the College of Engineering to Information Technology Services. All Engineering network infrastructure assets were transitioned to ITS, and an Engineering IT staff member is cross-training central staff for long-term support. An oversight team, the Network Engineering and Security Team (NEST), comprising central and College of Engineering technical staff, will ensure continuity of service during and after the transition.

The Hygienic Lab is working on network and infrastructure documentation. The Information Security and Policy Office will conduct a security and privacy review to ensure the central network service meets the unique security requirements of the lab. The lab’s network equipment will be decommissioned and replaced by standard networking equipment supported by the central ITS network team.

A long-term goal to standardize network technologies and infrastructure to decrease cost and increase supportability will be achieved as network gear is refreshed.

The project was led by Guy Falsetti, Danny Tang, and Frank Delin, and managed by Mike Frangi.