Information Technology

The OneIT Printing Project achieved closeout at the June 28 Operations Team meeting, and all of the original 16 OneIT projects are now complete.

The project team, led by Ryan West and Andy Jenkins and managed by Nichole Singer, reported on accomplishments of the project, which aimed to:

  • Increase visibility of services and efficiency of printer purchase decision-making.
  • Advertise print services to offer reports to departments on their printers.
  • Reduce effort required to support printers.
  • Create a best practice for decommissioning printers and multi-function devices (which can also scan, copy, and fax) that contain hard disk drives or other data storage devices.
  • Assist users in purchasing an appropriate printer for their needs.

The team developed device recommendations for small, medium, and large print volumes in both monochrome and color options and developed new content that will appear on the Information Technology Services website on topics such as selecting, repairing, and decommissioning printers, auditing and charging for printing, and adding or retiring print queues.   

The information will serve as a helpful guide to IT professionals and others on campus who buy printers. The team will execute a communication plan, working with IT leaders to raise awareness of the resource and encouraging units to work with their IT staff to select the best option for their printing needs. Printing service enhancements will be ongoing, including a look at the purchasing workflow process.