Steve Fleagle

Looking back at the first year of OneIT@Iowa, it’s remarkable to reflect on how much has changed and how much headway has been made.

We are one-third of the way through our projects, on track to complete the TIER IT initiatives within the three-year target, and have already documented TIER savings of over $2 million. We are extremely pleased with this progress; the IT community deserves tremendous credit for taking on 16 major efficiency projects, in addition to their daily work, without missing a beat. We’ve strengthened relationships, built trust, improved communication, and increased transparency. Connections developed through OneIT activities are sparking new ideas and solutions.  

This report details the headway made in the first year of OneIT. I hope our IT community will read it and share a strong sense of pride in all we have accomplished together, and that others will be as impressed as I am at the volume and value of collaborative change that has transpired in this short span of time. 

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The OneIT Year in Review is now available at The report documents the overall progress of the TIER IT initiative, highlights accomplishments of 12 IT efficiency projects, and features several success stories about OneIT's impact on campus. You can also learn about plans for the coming year.