Information Technology

IT professionals,

We are making steady progress in establishing the framework for OneIT implementation. The Steering Committee and Program Office have drafted and approved charters. The Steering Committee has named co-leaders and project managers for 14 of the 16 projects, and the Program Office has outlined a high-level timeline for the implementation process.


The Steering Committee and Program Office charters are posted to the OneIT website, and I encourage you to take a moment to review the key responsibilities of each group.

Project Leaders & Managers

We have added the list of Project Leaders & Managers to the About section of this site. In making selections, the Steering Committee wanted to ensure a diverse set of project leaders and managers from both central and distributed IT units. It was important that these individuals had subject matter expertise in the project area, and could commit the time and energy needed to succeed. 

Project List Revisions

You may notice that the project list was revised slightly since it was last shared. VOIP and Office 365, previously represented as separate projects, were folded into “Communication and Collaboration” to reflect the complimentary technologies and leadership in these areas. Also, creating a central IT Project Management Office was split off from Governance as it became clear that additional discrete leadership was needed for these efforts to achieve their goals.


With leadership in place, the next steps will be to draft project charters and form project teams.

April 1 – April 15

  • Individual project kickoffs and charter writing

May 1 – May 15

  • OneIT Program kickoff
  • Charter drafts presented to Steering Committee
  • Input period on charters begins

May 15 – May 31

  • Initial input period ends; public comment on charters
  • Charters finalized and approved by Steering Committee
  • Project planning begins
  • First month of status reports will be available publicly. These will be ongoing monthly.

July 1

  • First Phase of project implementation. (Some projects will have multiple phases, and projects will have different start dates due to dependencies on other projects.)

August 1

  • Second Phase begins

October 1

  • Third Phase begins

You’re always welcome to contact me with questions or comments, and you can reach the Program Office staff at

Thanks and best regards,

Steve Fleagle

Associate Vice President & Chief Information Officer