Information Technology

The Electronic Research Administration (eRA) project has successfully delivered eCOI, eIACUC, eIBC, Tracker, eDsp-Work Control, eDSP-Work Queue, and Research Portal functionality. Collectively, those applications have made a big impact on reducing administrative burden for researchers and support staff.

Much of the success is credited to a partnership struck in 2010 between the Office of Vice President for Research and Economic Development (OVPR&ED) and ITS-Administrative Information System (AIS). Under that arrangement, RIS Director Jose Jimenez has served on the AIS Leadership Team, RIS has been considered an AIS workgroup, and RIS staff have participated in ITS and AIS activities. 

Now entering the final stages of the eRA project, the teams are exploring fresh ways to support the eRA project and applications going forward. One result is a decision to shift RIS staff into AIS while maintaining the dual reporting relationship.

RIS will now officially be a part of a larger development group with which the staff already collaborates closely. The changes officially take effect July 1, but the transition will begin immediately.

Questions or concerns can be directed to Mike Noel, Sr. Director of ITS-Administrative Information Systems or Cheryl Reardon, Associate Vice President for Research and Economic Development.