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As the University of Iowa moves forward with the Board of Regents’ TIER (Transparent Inclusive Efficiency Review) project, the UI TIER leadership team is committed to keeping the campus informed on the latest developments in connection with the initiative.

The team will be sharing updates in Iowa Now each month. Information on the initiative can also be found on the UI TIER website.

Here are the latest developments on the UI’s academic and business cases: 


The Board of Regents will receive an update on the academic business cases at next week’s Board of Regents meeting on the University of Iowa campus (Oct. 21–22).

The meeting agenda is available at this link.

Pappas Consulting Group will present on the following academic business cases:

  • E-Learning (previously titled: Distance Education)
  • Enrollment Management (previously titled: Time to Graduation)

The board will also receive a report from Miles Lackey regarding work conducted by Ad Astra pursuant to the following academic business cases:

  • SSU-03: Space Utilization
  • SSU-04: Course Scheduling


University Shared Services

Athletics Beta Site

The project team has reviewed Shared Services Key Performance Indicators (KPI), specifically the turnaround time for travel expense vouchers and procurement card vouchers, and has noted significant reduction in time till payment and reconciliation.

College of Dentistry Beta Site

Shared Services at the College of Dentistry will expand services to include cash deposits and review of transactions via the Transaction Detail Reports (TDR).

Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development organization

Project planning continues with OVPRED for the design and implementation of University Shared Services.  

Human Resources:

HR-01 Revise Distributed HR Delivery Model

The Vice President of Research and Economic Development organization

Project planning continues while guidelines for employee movement into the Finance Shared Services structure are considered. Once guidelines are established, the team is ready to proceed with the next steps of the project.    

University Libraries

The team shared initial recommendations with the Senior HR Leader on Oct. 2, 2015.  A good dialogue in that meeting prompted some revision of the recommendations. The team will be meeting with the University Librarian and the Senior HR Leader on Oct. 27, 2015, to present final recommendations. 

College of Law

The HR redesign team met with the implementation team in the College of Law on Oct. 6, 2015, to outline the steps involved in the project. The team will be meeting with the Senior HR Leader to determine the individuals with whom they will speak to gather information. 

Division of ITS

The HR redesign team will meet with the ITS team on Monday, Oct. 19, 2015, to discuss how the project will be implemented in their division.

State Hygienic Laboratory

The Director and Senior HR Leader met with the HR redesign team on Monday, Oct. 12, 2015, to learn how the project will be implemented in their organization. Information and input from employees should begin in the next several weeks.

Information Technology:

OneIT Listening Posts for Campus set for Oct. 29–30

The OneIT Program Office will host another series of Listening Posts this month. These forums are open to any employee or student interested in OneIT efforts, as an opportunity to ask questions, receive updates, and share comments. Please help spread the word to those who might like to attend.

  • Thursday, Oct. 29: Lindquist Center, Room 301, 2–3 p.m.
  • Friday, Oct. 30: Dental Sciences Building, Galagans Auditorium B, 11 a.m.–noon. 

Project News

Sourcing and Procurement:

Office Supplies

Responses to the Regent’s Institutions joint Office Supply RFP is due Oct. 30, 2015. 

PCs/Laptops and Peripherals

Each Regent Institution has members from its Purchasing and IT department involved on this category team. The team is reviewing PC and laptop configurations purchased in FY2015 to develop standard models. 

Prime Food Vendors

Currently all Regent Institutions utilize Martin Brothers for their Prime Food Vendor. UIHC utilizes Sysco for their patient care needs.