Information Technology

OneIT leaders spoke briefly at recent Town Halls and Listening Posts about a unit-by-unit approach to implementing OneIT initiatives in the 13 remaining units by summer of 2018. The focus for the unit-by-unit approach is on three areas: End User Support, Data Centers and Servers, and Classroom IT Support.

This approach will help move implementations forward to ensure that TIER deadlines established by the Board of Regents are met, and will ensure that implementation is coordinated to ease transitions for both the units and the project teams.

The first step is to determine what remaining work is needed in those areas to finish overall OneIT implementation. Surveys were distributed to the remaining units to gather information about their current state. Collecting that data will be followed up by conversations to identify what can be standardized and what is differentiated, determine technology and process changes needed, find ways to adapt services, and identify and plan for any changes to job duties or staff transfers if needed.

Project teams will be working closely with IT leaders in each unit to determine next steps and the best timing for everyone. Implementation is currently underway in the Tippie College of Business and Athletics.