Portrait of Kathy Klump, University Shared Services

Kathy Klump has worked with the Office of Research and Economic Development since the fall of 2011.

But, when an opportunity to apply for a position in University Shared Services—a new unit providing financial transactional services across campus—presented itself earlier this year, she viewed it as a chance to leave her mark on an organization as it’s built from the ground up.

“I look forward to being a part of a positive and successful team,” says Klump.

Klump met with the University Shared Services team during TIER implementation, and, after learning about what working in Shared Services would involve, volunteered to join the team.

Though her former job responsibilities included human-resources work, shared-service transactions, procurement-card reconciliations, security access, shipping, supply ordering, and more, her new position will allow her to excel in more specific duties.

She and three of her colleagues transitioned to University Shared Services at the beginning of February.

In shared services, Klump says she will focus more intently on travel, procurement-card transactions, e-buy, e-vouchers, deposits, and other similar shared-services tasks.

“Focusing on specified tasks, meeting new people, and discovering what needs this organization can assist others with is exciting,” says Klump.

The implementation also involved redesigning Human Resources. Through this process, two human-resource representatives were selected as the HR experts for the organization.

Once the Shared Services and Human Resources staff were announced, staff and managers began the process of realigning duties to make sure the core needs of the organization would be met going forward.

Impacted staff and managers were given opportunities for input throughout the process through one-on-one meetings, focus groups, listening posts, and team meetings.

“A successful implementation would not have been possible without the input and guidance from impacted staff and managers,” says Cheryl Reardon, senior assistant vice president for research and economic development. “The USS model has provided the university with an opportunity to retain high-quality employees and engage them in a new and exciting initiative on campus.”

Onboarding for new employees is underway, and Dani Weber, associate director of University Shared Services, says she looks forward to welcoming new members onto the USS team.

Klump hopes to hit the ground running once she finishes training those who are taking over some of her previous duties.

“I’m excited to be a part of this. I welcome change, and I view this new job as an opportunity for growth on both a personal and professional level,” says Klump.

Kickoff meetings underway

The TIER leadership team is holding kickoff meetings with the leaders in individual colleges and integrated organizations across campus to answer questions and discuss implementation plans for all TIER initiatives, including Shared Services.

TIER leaders plan to discuss implementation plans at various staff meetings across campus, starting in March. To request a presentation in your organization, submit a request on the TIER website.