Faculty, staff and students are involved in TIER across campus in many ways, through participating in advisory groups, committees and implementation teams both locally, within their colleges and units, and more broadly, working on TIER efforts campus wide. Here are some of the individuals and groups involved in implementing TIER at the University of Iowa.

Liaison to the Board of Regents

Laura McLeran, Assistant Vice President External Relations, has been serving as liaison to the Board of Regents since the TIER initiative began in 2014.

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The Liaison to the Board of Regents was appointed to oversee the TIER implementation on campus, and liaise with both the Board and representatives from UNI and ISU.


Advisory Board

The TIER Advisory Board is charged with representing campus-wide stakeholder interests, and providing advice and counsel to TIER leadership regarding the development, implementation and evaluation of UI TIER initiatives. The Advisory Board cultivates dialogue about TIER across campus, sharing key information with stakeholders and providing feedback.

Link to charter and list of members


Leadership Team

The TIER Leadership Team has operational oversight of the implementation of TIER initiatives across campus. Chaired by the Liaison to the Board of Regents, the Leadership Team guides and monitors self-implementation across all work streams.

TIER Leadership Team members are: (hyperlink names to e-mail address)

Laura McLeran (Chair), UI TIER Campus Representative and Assistant Vice President External Relations

 Barry Butler, Executive Vice President and Provost

Steve Fleagle, Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice President Chief Information Office

Terry Johnson, Interim Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Rodney Lehnertz, Interim Senior Vice President Finance and Operations

Kevin Ward, Interim Vice President Human Resources

Debby Zumbach, Interim Assistant Vice President and Director of Purchasing and Business Services Business Services

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Work streams

Each work stream is implementing business cases, organized by function. Each work stream has its own self-implementation plan, with distinct goals, timelines, projects, teams and metrics. Some work streams have their own advisory groups and/or steering committees. 

The TIER work streams are: (link to work stream landing pages)

Sourcing & Procurement
Student Services


Change Specialists

Change Specialists (Organizational Change Administrators) get people ready, willing and able to work in new ways. They work with project teams across all workstreams to engage campus, and help transitions go as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Sue Sager, MSEd, PHR                                                   Rachel Napoli

Organizational Change Administrator                      Organizational Change Administrator                                    

319-384-0714                                                                     319-384-3494


Link to change management resources (pdf)
Link to more information about change (phase 2 – build change management content for web)


Communications Ambassadors

Communication Ambassadors play an important role in engaging campus in dialogue about TIER. They facilitate communication about TIER at the local and unit level.  

Communication Ambassadors disseminate information and serve as the local source of knowledge about TIER, answering questions, sharing facts and dispelling rumors, in addition to gathering feedback about the process.

Link to list of ambassadors (pdf)


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee, chaired by Cheryl Reardon, Senior Assistant Vice President Research and Economic Development, develops communications to inform and engage campus, to ensure TIER related changes are adopted and maintained.

<link to committee charter> (pdf)
Cheryl Reardon Photo